SOtM shared some news: "A pair of new speaker just arrived in our office today. We used Focal Scala utopia V2 and it had gave us great sound with our electronics. So we decided to upgrade the speaker to the same brand and the higher grade speaker for future products development."

"After basic settings, we were able to start playing music, but sound was not good as expected, it was very thin... We had to burn in the speaker for a few hours, and after around 4 hours later, finally we were able to get amazing sound.

The system consists of the sMS-1000SQ as a server and a player, tX-USBultra as a USB signal regenerator, sDP-1000EX as a combined DAC and Pre amplifier, and sPA-1000 as a power amplifier. And, all audio devices are powered by multiple sPS-500, and finally all devices which has the master clock input connector is synced by our new master clock, sCLK-OCX10, and these piece of audio devices makes the art of music and play real harmony.

We all very satisfied with it and agreed why many audiophiles said this speaker is one of best speaker in the world. We can and will make much better products with this Focal stella utopia EM in the near future.

Please visit our office to feel soul of the music..."