Black Cat Cable introduces LUPINO - a word which means “Little Wolf” in Italian - as a trickled-down and more affordable version of their immensely popular “Lupo” interconnect. “Mama” Lupo is made from 2 x 99.999% pure, annealed silver conductors in a ca: 0.25” dia air-teflon tube, and is terminated with Lovecraft Reference RCAs - but “LUPINO” is surely a mama’s boy, using a single 99.999% pure, annealed silver conductor in a ca: 0.15” dia air-teflon tube, and is terminated to Lovecraft MINI RCAs. 

While both sets of conductors - Lupo and Lupino - are “nami” (wave) processed, the Lupino conductor has a much shallower wave form owing to the fact that it has to fit inside a smaller diameter tube.

Despite the differences in build, Lupino retains much of Mama Lupo’s family performance characteristics at just around 1/2 of Lupo’s price: 1.0mpr of Lupino retails for only $399.95 (and is also available in 0.5m sets for just $274.95/set).