The combination! Natural Sound Samurai speakers partnered with Holton Audio Merak (Swiss Edition) Pure Class A amplifier tuned by AD... First exclusive photos of the Holton Merak class A power amp prototype...

HOLTON AUDIO MERAK (Swiss edition) tuned by AD

At carefully selected places we have used  MELF SMD RESISTORS - low noise, excellent pulse characteristics, temperature stability and high reliability.
WSR2 emitter resistors - extreme low thermal noise, non inductive, high pulse capability 
Improved Supply filtering with Mkp, PPS, Nichicon MUSE KZ and Panasonic FC capacitors
Ceramic Transistor insulators for low thermal resistance 
Hand made SILVER and SILVER-GOLD rectangular wires with cotton in oil insulation for best signal connection 
Mundorf gold fast-ons 
Cardass pure copper gold RCA plugs
Silver KRYO ETI binding posts
Copper gold plated IEC inlet
50W class A