« Grand Art Acoustique », the new website that will both fascinate high-end sound passionate and « made in France » lovers... France still counts among its ranks luxury craftsmen, whose creations are particularly appreciated abroad. Fashion or gastronomy are obviously among the sectors for which Paris sounds like a reference.

But there is another field where french craftsmanship excels: high-end sound. For more than 70 years, engineers and acousticians in France have been refining their techniques and sharing their knowledge of sound reproduction. Their goal: to design the best acoustic speakers in the world.

Innovation after innovation, patent after patent, these geniuses have constantly pushed the limits of the possible in terms of acoustic quality. Until reaching a result that far exceeds anything imaginable.

This result can appreciated today, thanks to the different brands of high-end speakers "made in France" selected by the website « Grand Art Acoustique »: ASA, AUDIONEC, AUDIO DIPTYQUE, EVEREST, KELINAC, MOCA, OCELLIA, OVA ACOUSTIC or RECITAL-AUDIO.

Transform any listening moment into an incredible sensory experience: this is the precise goal of these sound designers.

For this, their achievements are not content to reproduce music: they bring music to life. The listener can choose to be in the front row of an opera house, on the stage of a concert, or in the middle of a recording studio ... Without even leaving his living room.

A total immersion made possible by an unusual design: of course these speakers use the best electro-acoustic technologies of our time. But it is in the cabinetmaking work that lie the biggest manufacturing secrets. A know-how unique in the world, partly revealed on the pages of the website "Grand Art Acoustique".

An online shop allows to order these exceptional speakers and have them delivered all over the world. The site also proposes the organization of a stay in France, to visit the workshops of the various craftsmen, and to attend demonstrations.

You can discover now these « made in France » high-quality products and services, on