The Riccardo Kron series of tubes was born as a collaboration between, the international e-Shop specialized in DHT triode distribution, Lampizator - a Polish amplifier factory being one of the heaviest users of DHT tubes in the world and KR Audio manufacturing plant. The plans were lied out to build bespoke, reference grade tubes that would reshape the industry as we know it, honoring at the same time the legacy of Riccardo Kron construction principles and sound taste. Engineers at KR Audio proposed a number of changes to the current tube lineup and these modifications were critically evaluated by Lampizator, in the process of the creation of the Reference DAC DHT tube unit called The Pacific. After the audiophile seal of approval - Riccardo Kron series was born.

The use of Zirconium (300B and 5U4G)

Improved structure support in the least vibrating glass points with double mica
Ceramic bases
Gold plated base pins
Triple thickness glass that moves the ringing frequency out of the audible vocal and midranges.
Doubled cooling radiation surface for anode cooling
Barium heaters that run colder and have better emission
Closer tolerance matching
9th degree of vacuum for extended longevity
Precise matching of the real original 300B specs and layout.