"Using a fully balanced cartridge output has been acknowledged by many people as who seek high sound quality. The Phasemation T-500, that was released in 2014 already allowed the balanced inputs and it gained a high reputation, but there were still more ways to improve it. Due to the continuing research, we managed to deliver sound quality and overwhelming improvements in the terms of liveliness, panoramic sound-stage. The result the  T-2000, the greatest step-up transformer, that we can think of."

"The coil winding structure was reexamined and we pursued a higher sound quality and in addition, we succeeded to absolutely achieve the perfect left/right balance and a greater sound quality by designed a dual mono structure..."

Product Specifications

Best Cartridge's Output Impedance *1 4 ohms
Load Impedance 47k ohms
Step-up Ratio ( voltage gain ) 26dB
Frequency Response 10 - 100kHz (±2dB)
Dimensions W : 214mm H : 118mm D : 265mm
Weight 4.9kg x2 units
Input/Output Terminals: FURUTECHRhodium plated terminals
*1: The cartridge that can be used has an output impedance of 1.5 – 40 ohms.