New Vicol Audio Quantum full discrete R-2R 28bit resolution, sign magnitude (double R2R network) digital to analog converter. Up to 24bit / 384 Khz input from S/PDIF and with Bluetooth aptX automatic selection. 4Vpp/10ohm analog output. A perfect match with our Quantum CD transport...

Quantum DAC splits the digital signal in two and use one R-2R network for + signal and one R-2R network for negative. In this way the high resolution using 0.02% tolerance resistors is achieved.

Level 1. standard 3990 euro
Level 2. high grade 7990 euro
Level 3. ultra high grade 11.990 euro
Level 1. standard 0.02% resistor tolerance
Level 2. high grade 0.01% resistor tolerance
Level 3. ultra high grade 0.005% resistor tolerance

More info and photos of the innards soon...