Sintonie High-End Video Exhibition 2018 is Rimini, Italy will be held these year from 21-23 September at wonderful setting at the Palaco Congressi. Below are few photos from the last year's event and the offical info...

"The appointment with Sintonie High-End Video Exhibition returns with its unmistakable punctuality. After the great success in terms of public and media coverage of last year's edition, the twenty-first national high-fidelity event, the most popular initiative of the Italian hi-fi sector, will be held on 21st, 22nd and 23rd September 2018 at the Palacongressi di Rimini.

Forty exhibitors, twenty-five exclusive and spacious listening rooms acoustically treated by the best engineers, numerous enthusiasts from all over Italy, the best-known high-end distributors in the world, the latest trends in latest generation systems, the most prestigious brand ambassadors representing the parent companies, home entertainment, live music and much more: this is Sintonie High-End Video Exhibition.

 The high quality of products and brands will be married this year with facilities for everyone, aimed at a wider target, giving space to products similar to the world of high fidelity that could act as an attraction for younger people. Sintonie Hi-Fi 2018 will be an opportunity for all lovers of the two channels to be able to listen and compare, thanks to the most sophisticated previews of hi-fi products, the music reproduced on vinyl, cd and sound. There will be moments of live music with an exceptional testimonial who will be baptizing the event.

A perfect synthesis of music, elegance, harmony and exclusivity that is renewed this year from September 21st to 23rd in Rimini."

Sintonie High-End Video Exhibition
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