Here are few news updates from Totaldac (Vincent Brient). At the Munich High-End Audio Show 2018 they'll will demonstrate Totaldac d1-twelve DAC, Totaldac d150 speakers, Totaldac d1-seven DAC in combination with Absolare electronics, Soulsonic HOLOGRAMM-X speakers, Holton Audio amplifiers and Tellurium Q cables. Surely not to be missed...

"Totaldac will be in Munich hifi shows 2018 in two rooms (minimum):

- One 45 sqm closed room in the HIGH END show, in Hall 4, room W04 (on the right of the entrance, close to Panasonic) from the 10th to the 13th of May, demonstrating Totaldac d1-twelve DAC, Totaldac d150 speakers and Absolare Altius 845 (Elrog) push pull monoblocs.

The last 30 minutes of each day we will switch to several Focal Utopia headphones driven by Absolare 845 triode monoblocs. Bring also your own high end headphone with 6.35mm jack for these sessions!

Vincent Brient will be always in this room.

- One 123sqm room in HIFIDELUXE (Marriott hotel, Berliner Strasse 93), in Salon A, from the 10th to the 12th of May, from 12:00 (noon) to 8pm, demonstrating Totaldac d1-seven DAC, Holton Audio amplifiers, Tellurium Q cables and Soulsonic HOLOGRAMM-X speakers.

A new version of Soundirok (version 2.10) has been released by its author. I doesn't seem to work well, so do not upgrade to this version to be able to use the previous version of Soundirok (version 2.9) and upgrade it only later.

Today the main usage of the Totaldac server consists in using Roon and upnp. Alternatives are MPAD/Soundirok or other MPD remote and Logitech Media Server.

Totaldac is also working on an optimized fanless NAS able to run Roon and send the audio output to the Totaldac server via RoonReady protocole, giving the best sound and the Roon interface."