The new Antipodes EX and CX are built with no folded parts, only from solid thick CNC machined alloy plate, with the design creating 4 separate screened chambers - one for each function. The EX and CX have the new ODAPS2 power supply housed internally. Housing the power supply close to the boards is superior provided the power transformer uses the best materials and smart design. The new ODAPS2 power supply uses a new transformer design dramatically improving the rejection of high frequency noise (RFI and EMI).

Like the DX, the EX and CX have two Ethernet ports allowing you to connect, for example, a CX to the network for control purposes, and use Direct Ethernet to connect to the EX, or to the Ethernet input in your DAC. This creates a dedicated low-noise link to carry the music signal, particularly when using a 'push' technology like Roon Server playing to an EX or a Roon Ready DAC.

The P1 and P2 Platforms add vibration isolation and are carved from a thick alloy block and powered from the CX or EX. The design of the P1 and P2 enable an owner to replace the modules (precision ripper and reclocked outputs) by simply turning the platform over and removing 6 screws.