Audiomica writes: "On 09/04/2018 at the headquarters of the Audiomica Laboratory in Gorlice, a meeting of two friendly Polish high-end companies took place - The aforementioned producer of wires hosted the Yayuma Audio brand. During the meeting, the company's flagship products were tested: The latest modification of the Consequence series cables and the Yayuma Audio sound processor from the awareness line series. (The technology used in the tested processor is called PONA sound -Pure Original Natural Audio sound. PONA sound technology has been notified to the Swiss patent office." 

"This is the next visit of representatives of the Yayuma brand in Gorlice during which the equipment of the members of the Polish Audio Cluster was tested. Polish Audio Cluster is an informal association of Polish producers connected with the audio-video industry for home use (the association was established in October 2014). The audio system presented in the attached pictures included: Zeta Zero loudspeakers (Venus), Tube preamplifier and integrated Egg-Shell (Prestige 12WKT) tube amplifier from Encore Seven, Yayuma audio processor (Awareness Line) and Audiomica Laboratory cabling ( Allbit Consequence - Power cord, Miamen Consequence - Speaker cable, Pearl Consequence -Interconnect).

The meeting was attended by Tadeusz Łuczejko - Artistic Director of the international presentation of electronic music "Ambient Festival". Hardware configurations, tests and small listening meetings are regular events at the headquarters of Audiomica. During this type of event, the doors of the company are open to audiophiles and people interested in the equipment. In their offer, both brands have the highest product lines for music lovers seeking uncompromising solutions that guarantee the highest sound quality. More information about the processor and cabling can be found on the following websites: