"We also encourage you to discover our DUAL CLASS A technology. It's an exclusive technology created by DOGE which can be described as "two amps inside one", one in true class A and one in class AB with different voltage and current for each mode. You know that some amplifiers operate in class A. You know that most some amplifiers operate in class AB. But we bet you never heard about DUAL CLASS A. That's simple, that's us, at DOGE Audio who have designed it and you'll get it only on our tube amplifiers"

"In 2011 we designed the patented PAB autobias controlled by a microprocessor. In 2013 we improved it and included in the microprocessor software an exclusive "class mode management".

This innovating design allows the microprocessor to control the power transformer voltage and the anode plate current be able to change of class operation. In other words, you can switch from class AB to class A or the reverse, where most of manufacturer trick annoncing regularly "our amplifier works in class A from 0 to 20W and in class AB from 20W to 100W". This is merely marketing arguements as an amplifier can only works either in class A or in class AB.

Only our DUAL class A allows our amplifiers to operate either in class A, or in class AB due to our processor management who fully change power voltage and anode current depending which class you chose. You don't have to choose between sound performance and power, with our DUAL CLASS A you can get both inside the same amp!"