“This is the most valuable single classical album in the world, at left, its original pressing, and at right, remastered in London by The Electric Recording Co. of England.”

“ERC005 (SAX 2386) - Beethoven - Violin Concerto - Leonid Kogan - Constantin Silvestri (Limited Edition No. 117)

THE ELECTRIC RECORDING CO. - ERC005 (SAX 2386) - Beethoven - Violin Concerto in D Major - Leonid Kogan (Violin) - The Paris Conservatoire Orchestra - Constantin Silvestri - True Valve Stereo Cut - Hand Made Artisan Reprint - Highly Limited Edition (300 Individually Numbered Copies Only)

Officially Sanctioned by EMI - True Valve Stereo Cut Heritage pressings mastered from the first generation analogue master tapes.

Cut in True Stereo using ERC’s fully restored Lyrec Stereo Tape (Type TR18), Vintage Ortofon amplification and Lyrec valve-cutting lathe (Type SV8).

Hand-crafted sleeve artwork faithfully recreated to the highest level of quality and detail using traditional letterpress printing machinery and techniques.

Released in strictly limited, individually numbered editions of 300.” Saulo Zuccello