"One of the most popular and revered digital cables is getting an “Mk. II” upgrade after almost seven years since its introduction! A true-75 Ohm design from the originator of the precision-impedance digital cable, Chris Sommovigo, the Mk. II update to this long-lived design incorporates a “lite” variant of the RF rejection materials employed in both the Digit-75 and, to a greater degree, the TRĂ˜N Super-Reference SPDIF cable."

“I’ve been planning this improvement for awhile and have recently gotten down to the brass tacks of it,” said Mr. Sommovigo. “The inclusion of the RF rejection materials, plus an additional pure-copper shield - all braided under a multifilament nylon yarn jacket - elevate the Silverstar! 75 without breaking the $300/m threshold.”

Available with 75 Ohm BNCs or the new Lovecraft MINI RCA (or a combination), the new Silverstar! 75 Mk. II is now in production and is available directly from Black Cat Cable's fine retail partners"