Diapason is proud to present Alessandro Schiavi’s new Karis III, a new loudspeaker creation rising as evolution of multifaceted solid wood Karis model. 

  • New woofer Direct Drive with more defined performance at the low frequencies.
  • New Seas tweeter named that gives extraordinary performance in terms of harmonics at the hi-frequencies
  • New printed circuit board Diapason Reference Series named “RSPCB”
  • New impedance module at 8 Ohm allows easier load also for valves or solid state amplifiers.
  • Internal wiring by Van den Hul CS12 cables.
  • Cabinet wooden staves assembly method have been optimized in order to make the whole cabinet more stable and rigid.
  • New Karis III sound performance is something incredible and surprising to listen to, so close to real feeling of live music...

The New Kairs III will be Introduced during the next Munich Hi End Show 11-13 May Atrium 4 second floor Room 207.