According to the Ancient Greeks beauty cannot exist without har- mony and true harmony cannot exist without beauty. Beauty is therefore the result of an equilibrium that mankind may reach through a way of constant search and perfecting, in life, in art, in the forms he creates. Alessandro Schiavi founder of DIAPASON loudspeakers has always been driven by that passion aiming to a more perfect realization of the idea, the inspiration, the talent stemmed from his creative genius and from his thirty-year experience in loudspeakers design & manufacturing.

In 2015 Alessandro Schiavi meets the artist, designer and wood-carver Antonio Comini that fashions unique pieces of furniture curved by hand in solid wood inspired by the Arts and the forms created in Nature by water, ice, sand dunes and rocks, in a homage never given for granted to Mother Earth.

A new idea spread from this meeting, why not to carve waves in a solid wood cabinet and to create a loudspeaker which is both a work of art, an exclusive and collector’s piece capable of accepting sound, music, in a shell of nature, almost an ideal bridge between sophisticated technology and absolute simplicity?

Karis WAVE thanks to its diamond-shaped design and tiny dimensions lend itself perfectly to draw on its surface sand dunes modeled by the sea or by winds in the deserts, but also sound waves that spread in the air like the vibration of human voice or of a musical instrument: an emotional fu- sion between form, music, art and design.

Solid wood is chosen for the cabinet as it is alive in time, acoustically ideal to reproduce the harmonics which cause to vibrate the deepest cords of our emotions while we listen to music.

The hand carved waves make each loudspeaker unique and inimitable and they considerably allow a more complete contribution of the acoustic signal reproduced, thanks to this closer to live music.

Furthermore the multifaceted diamond-form of Karis WAVES comes closest to the ideal of the point source, to the optimal acoustical dispersion and circular emission of sound waves from the transducers.

The loudspeaker simply disappears leaving on stage just the music and the emotion that only comes from the listening we can experience during a live performance.

Holographically the sound stage is recreated in front of us describing each individual instrument in its original position.

In the occasion of its official presentation, let’s yourself meet Karis WAVE at High End Show 2018, May 11th- 13th,M.O.C Munich,Germany,Atrium 4, 2nd Floor, Room 207.