"New Horizon is a new Italian brand born in 2016. The first products appeared in october 2017 and now it proposes a full line of turntables and accessories in the entry level range (GD 1 model euros 399,-) to mid-priced models."

"All the models take advantage of an exclusive spring suspension system which isolates the motor from the plinth. Even the original inverted bearing is designed starting from scratch, composed by 4 elements and a massive central axis of 16mm diameter.

The New Horizon products are fully Made in Italy. The design, the materials and the craftsmanship reflect the beauty, the quality and the originality that you expect to find in a Made in Italy object.

The latest model born, which is also the top of the line, is GD 3 composed by 3 plinths. Motor, bearing and tonearm stand each one on its own plinth and are decoupled from the others in order to limit even more the possible interactions. The noise path becomes longer and is dissipated by the different materials encountered in the journey.

New Horizon shows its products in the upcoming Munich High End Show (H3 K03) next 10th to 13th May."