For more than 30 years, TARA Labs has been at the forefront of cutting edge innovation in technologies & design. In our never-ending quest to develop and create new technologies, TARA Labs Design Team (TLDT) continues to research new ways to improve our line of award winning products. And in those 30 years, TARA Labs has won more magazine awards, accolades and positive reviews than any other cable manufacturer in the world. 

TARA Labs is proud to introduce our newest edition the: Apollo Extreme series which includes an interconnect and speaker cables, which are available in both stereo and bi-wire models.                                      The Apollo Extreme offers a very affordably priced high-end audio cable that will enhance and improve any audio system. Audiophiles around the world will be very impressed by the performance of our newest cable models. And of course, every TARA labs high-end audio cable is custom hand-crafted in Oregon, USA, and lifetime guaranteed!

Apollo Extreme Interconnect – These are brand new interconnect & speaker cables from TARA Labs. Using a new specialized extruded  pure copper oxygen free conductor, as well as a new proprietary dielectric material that is specifically manufactured with high entry-mid level audio component systems in mind, the performance result of both the Apollo Extreme interconnect cables are nothing short of stunning! These cables are “extremely” transparent, with excellent high frequency extension, as well as being open, fast and accurate with precise resolution.  Details and nuances are superb considering the retail price, and would certainly enhance any audio system with an improvement and upgrade in sound performance. 

Apollo Extreme Interconnect = 16pF 

Cable capacitance measured in picofarads / pF
RCA (Torque-Lock™), or XLR termination available
Proprietary Dielectric Material & CCI Ultra-tested
Silver braided shield protection against EMI/RF interference 
Frequency-tuned twisted SA-OF8N copper conductor
Transparent, with high-frequency extension and spatial cues
Detailed and accurate, with impressive soundstage
Neutral and open, with full mid-range and tight bass
Custom hand-crafted in USA, lifetime guaranteed

Apollo Extreme Speaker cables - The new Apollo Extreme speaker cables features four 14 AWG conductors each (+) and (-) conductors paths consisting of SA-OF8N “Pressure group” solid core conductors. Each of the conductor runs is extruded with a thin layer of SVPE primary dielectric material. The Apollo Extreme offers twice the conductors of our standard Apollo speaker cables. *Also included is our specialized BSM (banana-spade module) which enables the user to “switch” out and use either spades or banana terminations.  This is extremely beneficial for audiophiles who switch out or buy new components. The ability to use both bananas & spades is far superior to the older styled soldered permanent terminations.

The Apollo Extreme speaker cable is also available as either a stereo or bi-wire speaker cable model.

BSM -Both banana & spade terminations
14 gauge LF & HF conductor runs
Frequency-tuned “pressure stranded” SA-OF8N copper conductor
Extruded SVPE primary dielectric material
Transparent, with high-frequency extension and spatial cues
Live & natural sound, that is completely neutral
Smooth high, increased clarity with full mid-range & bass
Custom hand-crafted in USA, and lifetime guaranteed