First exclusive insights of the all new and upcoming Vivid Audio Kaya speakers line. Kaya opens up a new page of Vivid Audio rich speakers' portfolio with a familiar - recognizable - stylish-high-tech form, but still being quite different and more affordable. Take a look at the world first exclusive images and info...

"Vivid Audio KAYA 45 is the latest creation from the Imagineering of Laurence Dickie, the father of the Nautilus loudspeaker and the current Vivid Audio product range. The midpoint loudspeaker from the new range of speakers span a price range of approximately 18,000 Euros down to an entry-level model that will be lower than the current entry point.  KAYA is Zulu language for 'home'. These speakers bring the same acoustic properties that are found with the high-end GIYA speakers but in a more home friendly, conservative form. The large curled outboard exponential tapered horn found on the Giya speakers and first seen on the Nautilus loudspeaker, are wrapped inside the KAYA range using a new technique for Vivid, the re-entrant absorber horn. This space-saving system gives the same benefits to the bass response found on the more expensive GIYA range, which is clean and extended.

This is the first 3-way speaker from Vivid, and the 50mm mid range dome has been dispensed with in favor of the new Mid/bass driver developed in-house. It is carbon stiffened aluminum piston with extended flat frequency response to cover the entire midrange. The bass comes from twin 125mm bass drivers in the Vivid tradition of reaction canceling format. 

The drivers cancel their net vibration out by being back to back, and the entire cabinet is, like Giya, made from thin skin GRP composite. The bass drivers, the mid and high frequency D50 come from the Giya G4 loudspeaker.  The shape of the speaker gives a somewhat better focus on the presentation and is less omnidirectional, which should help in more difficult rooms. Power handling is 300 watts bass excursion limited.  Vivid Audio will be presenting the entire KAYA range at this years' Munich High-End 2018 show. "

Words and photos - Jake Purches. 

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