Lloyd Walker writes: "We can point to certain moments in the history of Walker Audio and clearly recognize their significance. Perhaps the largest of these moments is the release of the Proscenium Turntable, which has won unprecedented accolades in the audio world and is considered by many to be the finest turntable ever created. The Proscenium put Walker Audio on the map, and has had a profound effect on both our business and on the industry as a whole. It's a once-in-a-lifetime achievement, something we never anticipated we would repeat."

And yet, somehow, this is another one of those moments.

We told you about the new Velocitor Mark V a few months ago. It sounded great, reviews were great, customers were over the moon, everything was going quite well. But as you know, we've never been satisfied with "quite well". So we kept pushing. We weren't prepared for the result. 

This is big. The difference between an off-the-shelf 'table and the Proscenium big. Yes, you read that correctly. We truly believe we've just crafted, BY FAR, the best power conditioner on the planet. The implications are massive, for any and every system. And we still can't believe the impact these changes have made - it's easily the largest leap forward we've ever made in a single iteration of a product.


We took an already award-winning product and launched it into the stratosphere. We doubled the detection circuits, which led to a 3x net gain in sensitivity overall. We've made a massive upgrade in the power section, which resulted in an insane 4x speed increase. And we're still using cutting-edge medical tech for EMI/RFI reduction. Those are the parts. But their sum doesn't begin to describe the whole. We have never - NEVER - heard an improvement like this. We are convinced we've changed the game. And you will be too. Your system - any system - will see a DRAMATIC improvement in overall performance with the addition of the Mark V Signature. And the more of them you add, and as importantly the more substandard power delivery devices you subtract, the greater the gains. 

We're telling our subscribers about the Signature Edition first. You won't find it on our website yet, and we've yet to do a press release. We just finished the prototype last week, and we were too excited not to share the news. But since we build them to order, the Mark V Signature is available for immediate purchase. Simply CONTACT US for pricing and configuration details. Glad isn't even the word - you'll be ELATED that you did.