Last insights from Totaldac before this very system will be packed for the Munich High End Audio Show 2018. 

You can audition the complete Totaldac system in Hall 4, room W04 (on the right of the entrance, close to Panasonic) from the 10th to the 13th of May...

The system:

Totaldac RoonReady d1-server and reclocker
Totaldac optimised server/NAS for Roon or for UPNP/DLNA
Totaldac d1-twelve DAC
Totaldac d1-driver, a volume-free preamp
Totaldac/Bibacord AES-EBU cables
Totaldac USB GIGAFILTER and ethernet cable/filters
Totaldac d150 speakers and their subwoofers
Absolare 845 push pull monoblocs with Elrog tubes
Echole Limited Edition interconnect cables, speaker cables and power cords
Shunyata Hydra Triton V3 power distributor and Sigma NR power cords
Lab Gruppen FP7000 amplifier (made silent) for the subwoofers