... a ladder... and voilà... a different point of view... and a HUGE surprise: I gave a try to my old, faithful, trusty, beloved, vintage Marantz 7C... first time, ever with the current layout and most important, power amp - i.e. the Nuforce MCA-20 Stealth 8-channels Class D beast. That's the problem when owning too many gears... you risk to lose the target and miss some interesting combination... lack of time, laziness, whatever... shit happens.

I never gave a try to the ol' Marantz in a few months... too busy in swapping Mayer vs. Kaneda/Le Solstice vs. the plethora of passive line stages... my fault.

... and...

The sound is so vastly modern and unexpectedly, proved to be - to my surprise - a truly heavenly matching... a veritable click of enormous proportions.

This 50 years old preamp never ends to give me shivers and goosebumps... and surprising me for its quality and musicality.

Thanks to Sid Smith and Saul Marantz for giving to the world gears with a soul.

Sterfano  Bertoncello