"Doshi Engineering, designer and manufacturer of the world’s finest electronics, will show for the first time at Munich High End, M.O.C. Hall 1 A06/B11. Widely regarded as one of the most creative minds in High End Audio, Nick Doshi will have his entire product line on display including his Phono Preamplifier ($17,995 US MSRP), Line Preamplifier ($17,995 US MSRP), and Monoblock Amplifier ($34,995/pr US MSRP). Doshi’s iconic Tape Head Preamplifier ($17,995 US MSRP) will be on active demo in the Nagra (Atrium 4, F130) and Joseph Audio (Atrium 4, E209) rooms, as well as Doshi’s display. This show will also mark the international debut of TWO new Doshi products…"

"Built on our Monoblock Amplifier chassis, the Doshi Stereo Amplifier ($18,995 US MSRP) shares the same microprocessor control, custom-made Toroid power transformer and Doshi Design Philosophy. Our first Hybrid design, the Stereo Amplifier needs only two gain stages to deliver 65 watts per channel into 4 Ohms. (Other impedances available on request.) Using a J-Fet input and EL34/6CA7 output, this ultra-low feedback amp operates in Class A to over 50 WPC. The use of 2 pairs of output tubes per channel lowers output impedance, enabling superior control over a wider range of loudspeakers than any amplifier in this class.

Employing differential topology from input through output, the Doshi Headphone Amplifier ($3,795 US MSRP) solves two issues with headphone drive: accommodating headphones of all impedances and optimizing performance with “Balanced Drive” connections. Doshi’s solution utilizes custom-made Sowter output transformers, coupled with high voltage drive circuitry, to provide maximum power into three impedance load ranges; additionally, using output transformers means that both balanced and standard headphone connections can be accommodated without any loss of power output or sound quality. 

Our uncompromising design utilizes a discrete differential volume control executed with the same relays found in our Line Preamplifier. 

The Doshi Headphone Amplifier and Tape Head Preamplifier will be on active demo at the Doshi exhibit, Hall 1 A06/B11, using Open-Reel Tapes and Digital Files as sources with Audioquest Headphones. All other Doshi Products will be on static display. Anthony, Andrea and Nick will be in Munich to introduce our designs."