"With massive hardware, maximum rigidity, and a sophisticated approach to eliminating micro-vibrations, FalkenOhr takes auditory experience to the next level. We are totally committed to the ultimate in quality and leading-edge technology. Our extraordinary Klangmöbel is crafted, assembled and tested by hand in Austria’s spectacularly beautiful Salzkammergut region."


Mass paired with high rigidity provide the foundation for a powerful, voluminous sound as well as maximum capacity to resist external influences. Micro-vibrations in the shelves are eliminated by strategically targeted channeling. The respective shelf levels and all additional components mounted on the basic rack are decoupled to inhibit vibrations. These technologies guarantee that your audio components produce optimal sound. The dynamized spike shoes of the Pure Line make it possible to balance the timbre between dynamic clarity and mellow warmth.

A drawer provides plenty of storage space for your hi-fi accessories. Rollers let you shift locations conveniently yet gently.


A high-gloss black or white concert grand piano or a woodwind instrument made of Makassar ebony—these are our sources of inspiration. The high-quality surfaces of the shelves, side walls and drawer fronts can be combined to the commissioning client’s precise specifications.


Black, high gloss or matte finish
White, high gloss or matte finish


Black, high gloss or matte finish
White, high gloss or matte finish
Real wood veneer of Makassar ebony, high gloss or matte finish


For the most exacting demands, the FalkenOhr Pure Line is available with its own base. The finely milled, heavy aluminum plate is supported by stainless steel tips and thus serves as an additional decoupling mechanism. This is the acoustic non plus ultra, and is available for one or more levels.


Combining concentrated mass and high rigidity
Eliminating micro-vibrations by means of strategically targeted channeling
Innovative new approach to isolating the respective shelves
Fine-tuning in accordance with your auditory preferences and the conditions prevailing in your listening space
Countless sound tests have been our loyal companions every step of the way.


Designed for all 19” (or smaller) audio components, FalkenOhr offers single- or double-width Klangmöbel in various heights. The number of shelves is optional. The minimum distance (clearance) between each one is 95 mm.

HEIGHT 650mm
maximum 4 shelves
HEIGHT 775mm
maximum 4 shelves
HEIGHT 900mm
maximum  6 shelves