Munich High End 2018 will be the most important trade show in Brinkmann’s 33-year history. Once again, Brinkmann will display at Munich High End 2018 in Atrium 4.1, E108; however, this year will mark the debut of FIVE New Products...

1-33-1/3 Anniversary Balance: In continuous production since May, 1985, Balance is universally regarded as one of the world’s premier turntable designs...and one of the most enduring. Our commemorative “33-1/3 Anniversary” Balance comes with a 12.1 Tonearm, RöNt II Power Supply outfitted with NOS (original British) Mullard tubes, a custom version of HRS’ latest Reference- series Isolation Base and a richly illustrated “Coffee Table Book,” autographed by Helmut, detailing the history of Brinkmann and Balance. A true collectible. Shipping Q4 2018, Price TBA.

2-10th Anniversary Oasis: Introduced in 2007, Oasis was Brinkmann’s first Direct Drive Turntable, as well as the first Brinkmann to use Helmut’s proprietary “Sinus” motor technology. Our Limited- Edition, 10th Anniversary Oasis includes 10.5 Tonearm and features an improved direct drive bearing. Shipping Now, MSRP $21,990 US

3-Nyquist Mk II: Improvements to our Streaming DAC module including an additional regulated supply, broader use of High Voltage Power Supply Technology and other refinements deliver a more detailed and airy presentation while retaining the organic analog sound which has made Nyquist so successful. Upgrades (Price TBA) are accomplished by simply changing DAC modules. Shipping Now. MSRP remains $17,990 US, same as the original Nyquist.

4-Marconi Mk II: Development of Nyquist suggested ways in which both Edison and Marconi could be improved. Marconi’s traditional strengths are augmented by lower noise, a more detailed and open presentation, greater clarity, improved system synergy and increased tube life. Originals are NOT upgradeable. Shipping Q4, 2018. MSRP remains $13,990 US, same as the original Marconi.

5-Edison Mk II: In addition to Helmut’s painstaking fine-tuning, Edison’s RIAA EQ network has been completely re-designed for significant improvements in linearity and lower noise.
Originals ARE upgradeable. (Upgrade Price TBA). Shipping now. MSRP remains $13,990 US, same as the original Edison.