There is no doubt about the timeless impact of Franco Serblin's work on the high-end audio industry. People might generally connect him with Sonus faber and later on with his own venture, but in reality, his contribution to our beloved industry was far beyond these two companies. 

Franco managed to tear down the walls and barriers or typical high-end audio market. He had created such vibrant and soulful products, that entrapped the minds of the far larger crowd and engaged even very young audiophiles and music lovers. That particular momentum is something we're missing in the present era and one of the most discussed subjects on my traveling. 

I still clearly remember dreaming and saving up for the first Sonus faber speakers years back. Yes, I'm getting older :).  And I wasn't alone... People were daydreaming and contemplating about Franco's creations. In our industry, we're too often complicating and trying to find the complex solutions for the market to grow, yet the answer might be far simpler than most can digest or want to hear. 

Franco was visionary and had a one of the kind talent, that will never be matched. Many tried to copy his ideas, but there was and will be only one Franco Serblin!

At the end of the day, he was THE person, that could address the people's inner mechanics and avoid many layers of the mind, that is always trying to reason where is not needed. Its all about the message and Franco understood this profoundly. Pure and meaningful message penetrates directly and addresses the very right emotional triggers. 

Franco has managed to expertly encapsulate his general worldview into the speakers, that combine timeless Italian aura and a potent musical heart.

Just looked at how forward and ahead of the time the original Snail speakers were, how out of the box Extrema concept was or what Guarneri loudspeakers brought in terms of design and material. The list goes on...  

Then, fast forward to the KtĂȘma, Accordo, and Lignea. Again, the designs, that were completely fresh, unique and with a clear Franco's signature. 

Massimiliano Favella is not only Franco's son-in-law but the very keeper of Serblin's heritage. More than a year ago he visited Mozarteum in Salzburg. 

In the museum's round, dedicated listening room (resembling the shape of a speaker) at the time, they've used very simple speakers and since that visit, Massimiliano couldn't stop contemplating this. It took him almost half a year to present and finalize his idea to the people connected with the Mozarteum. 

Well its the effort and the end result, that matters... In what better way one can mark the fifth anniversary of Franco's death, then by providing the permanent listening pleasure via Franco Serblin's Accordo speakers at the Mozarteum in Salzburg to thousands of yearly visitors from all over the world.

Each and every visitor can already enjoy the Mozart's timeless music on the timeless Italian speakers. Call it match, made in heaven!

I'm was more than happy and felt very privileged to be a part of this highly emotional event. Only a few of us (from audio industry) have joined Franco's wife and family members for this two-day special event. Everything was highly emotional with the presence of Franco’s extended family and Massimiliano has again proved, how he’s the very person to carry on the Franco Serblin heritage and legacy in the best possible way. 

Too often we're forgetting how high-end audio is and should be intimately closely related to the music and culture. Yes, we're living in the fierce world of marketing, sales and competing, but without such humanistically driven momentums, we're only glorifying the mighty $$$ instead of celebrating and cherishing the music...

Even for me as a reporter and a friend, this is a way beyond the usual reporting duties. It was a pleasure and privilege to be a part of such historical event. 

Again, and even five years after Franco's death he's still impacting the audio world in very unusual, but most prominent way!

Matej Isak

You can see the extend photo sew from the event here: link