"At the Munich High End 2018, Hemiolia Records will present the first world premiere of the first unpublished analog Master Tape by the Master Luciano Pavarotti."

This work is the result of a project that we have developed in official cooperation with the Luciano Pavarotti Foundation for the recovery of a vast archive of analogue magnetic tapes, owned first by the Master and then by the Foundation.

We have worked for a long time, with enormous passion, great dedication and maximum professionalism searching for an exceptional result that we have finally achieved and that today we are honored to share and make available to all passionate admirers of the unforgettable tenor, who will always remain 'unique for his talent and charisma.

We would like to have you as a guest during the fair at our stand in Halle1-A18, to listen to the Hemiolia Master Tape "live concert Luciano Pavarotti - reel one", tell you the story of this project and give you the details of the complex and meticulous technical work made by our technicians during its realization.

In full respect of the spirit of good eating and drinking that belonged to the Master Pavarotti, we will also be glad to offer you a snack with a good glass of wine, some Italian food specialties and coffees.

If you wish to book a meeting and a personal listening session, please contact us by mail by the 6th May, or directly during the fair at the phone number 0039 349 5485464 (Paulina answers).

We also inform you that during the fair we have organized a technical stage entitled "Luciano Pavarotti - The history of the first unpublished analog Master Tape in the world and the listening with a new production recorder".

The stage has been organized in collaboration with  Recording The Masters, Ballfinger and Vrel electroacoustic companies and the speaker will be Mr. Ulrich Apel assisted by our Paulina Vogt.

There will be two sessions:
Friday, 11.05.18 pm pm ENGLISH 
Saturday, 12.05.18 12:00 pm DEUTSCH