Diana Panton has quietly become one of the brightest lights on the jazz scene today. Her work is consistently praised by listeners and music critics alike for her ethereal vocals, exceptional song selection and emotional intensity. "Her diaphanous vocal sound never insists and her high speed vibrato is like the beat of a hummingbird's heart - natural, untainted and pure." (Lesley Mitchell-Clarke, Wholenote Magazine)

"Her keen aesthetic sense has attracted the attention of some of the jazz world’s most respected masters.

"if the moon turns green ..." Diana’s sophomore album won the first place jury-selection to perform at the 2007 Jazz at Juan, Revelations in France where she was voted Première Dauphine by the Juan public. CBC radio host Tim Tamashiro named her one of Canada’s TOP 5 Jazz Vocalists.


In the ongoing evolution of its proprietary process, 2xHD has progressed to a phase called 2xHD Fusion Mastering which benefits from the finest analogue technology joined with state-of-the-art digital technology, without the digital noise."

"The mastering chain consists of a selection of high-end vacuum tube equipment which includes a modified vacuum tube NAGRA HD DAC (DSD) making it possible to obtain a real analogue sound from a digital master. The 2xHD Fusion Mastering system is powered by a super capacitor power supply, using a new technology that lowers the digital noise found in the lowest level of the spectrum; something that was not possible before. The resulting signal is then transformed into high resolution formats by recording it in DSD 11.2 MHz using Merging Technologies’ Horus A to D converter, which is also powered by a supercapacitor power supply. All analogue and digital cables are the most state of the art available today."

2xHD Mastering by: René Laflamme
2xHD Executive Producer:  André Perry

Feel the Warmth

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