"This year at the High End show in Munich, the Dutch loudspeaker brand Aequo Audio, known by its lightning start with several international awards and rapid worldwide expansion, will launch a slightly more affordable new loudspeakers model called: Stilla. This new and very stylish floor standing speaker is built by hand from high-tech materials developed in-house. Its beautifully curved cabinet is formed by temperature and pressure from special artificial stone with excellent acoustic properties."

"The midrange driver of the Ensis, developed by Aequo Audio in collaboration with the Skaaning family (legacy known for eg. Scanspeak, Dynaudio) finds its way also in the Stilla. It has been often praised as the star of the Ensis for its unique qualities -having a very fast and powerful motor that holds firm grip on a mineral filled PP cone with excellent self-dampening qualities- to result in open and non-fatiguing sound. Instead of a single 10 inch unit, the Stilla comes with two powerful 7 inch subwoofers, actively powered by two Ncore 250 watt amplifier, each positioned opposed at 45 degrees to cancel out all sideway vibrations. 

Furthermore, the Stilla is equipped with Aequo’s F40 high frequency transducer, and while offering almost the same high-res insights as the Ensis’ SF40, it comes with a touch more musical smoothness. Being fitted to Aequo’s acoustic lens (EHDLtm), it widely opens up the sweet spot. It also minimizes unwanted room-reflections, whilst the new absorbing front of the speaker eliminates cabinet-reflections. The result is an amazing three-dimensional soundstage with lifelike imaging in all rooms. 

By using the smart ARPECtm bass-control system, each speaker can be easily adjusted regarding its placement in the room as well as for the size of the room. The system’s analog signal path proved on the Ensis to provide top notch coherency, free of the delays caused by DSP computing time found in other hybrid speakers. The system has been further developed to be used for the ported Stilla to actually mimic deep bass extension normally only achieved with extremely large close boxed speakers. The Stilla seems to be again all about large sound from an attractively compact package, and it promises easy obtainable results of high audiophile levels, in virtually any room. Aequo also offers high amounts of bespoke customization, as well as a full-active version of the Stilla that can be used directly connected to any source (DAC) with volume control.

Visitors of High End Munich should definitively have a listen in their superior demo cabin located in hall 4: W12. For more information, you could also visit their website:"

Technical Specifications

Size: 107 x 16 x 26 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Sensitivity: 90db
Enclosure: Floorstanding, Horn loaded bass reflex
Frequency range: 14-35.000hz, *low frequency extension and gain is steplessly adjustable to match room size and acoustics.
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal (for all amplifiers rated 2 to 8ohm)