"Over the past years Akiko Audio has become very experienced with lowering the noise floor in the rendering chain. Noise pollution is an unwanted signal in the rendering chain, which affects all connected devices in your audio and video system. The ground in the power supply, which allows electricity to flow away, has a more complicated task than is generally assumed: it is often seen as a mere safety precaution and receives little further attention."

"Whilst developing the Ground Conditioner, the manufacturer noticed that a correctly applied ground has a major influence on the rendering quality of your music. ‘We view it as a technical improvement for all connected devices!’ says designer Marc van Berlo.
The heavy Ground Conditioner forms a zero-reference for your system. High frequency surface electricity seeks a low energy point and will therefore use the Ground Conditioner as a ground. Three devices can be connected to it.

According to the producer you may expect  a very honest, neutral and especially relaxed rendering. The powerful effects are audible immediately.

The Castello is available as of yet from all Akiko Audio dealers."

More information and prices can be found on the website: