Black Cat Cable will be introducing it’s latest Reference-Level cable, STARGATE, during the High-End show in Munich next week in Hall 3, booth J-15. Stargate is an evolution that stems, in part, from a custom/limited release project called “Ultranova Supreme” - only a handful of RCA interconnects were made for a small, private group of hardcore audiophiles who put the challenge to Chris Sommovigo - designer of Black Cat’s catalog of products. Ultranova Supreme combined a 32 element Matrix braided conductor with Ultranova’s 99.999% twisted pure ribbon, in a small microporous PTFE tube that was shielded with a copper shield.

STARGATE increases the tube diameter which increases the amount of air included in the dielectric, thereby increasing a velocity of the signal. The central conductor is the same helically-twisted 99.999% pure silver ribbon, but now has double the amount of pure copper Matrix braided around it - 64 individually enameled, micro braided conductors. This conductor is hand-fed through the ePTFE tube, which has already been contained within a Faraday-Cage style braided copper tube made from 32 bare pure copper solid-core conductors at 30awg/each.

The result is an extraordinary performance that is true “Son of Indigo” in its superlative resolving ability and effortless authenticity at ca: 1/2 the price of the Statement Indigo series.

Available for interconnects in RCA and XLR forms, and as loudspeaker cables.

Retail price begins at $5,999.95 for 1.0mpr RCA interconnects, $6,999.95 for 1.0mpr XLR interconnects, and $6,549.95 for 1.5m loudspeaker cables.