The picture shows only one channel without the sub system!

The Cessaro Zeta was born as a younger brother of our mega system Omega. It has been quiet a challenge to develop a horn System with an efficiency of 112dB 1W/1m. A 5-Way horn system with optional bass sections. The customer can choose between 5 different bass solutions from a frontloaded horn up to a portet box concept.

The desired bass part depends on space, budget and personal preference.

One of the key points is that the Cessaro Zeta is able to play from 65Hz as a passive real horn. No addition ported bass or EQ, no further electronics are needed for such a bandwidth. That‘s absolutely outstanding in the market.

Every bass solution is just in use for the last 1 to 1,5 octaves. That is more or less a pressure addition to the fast transient of the main unit.

We proudly invite you for a listening session at our room at the HIGH END 2018 in Munich. Come and find out what Cessaro Zeta is able to do even at a very low listening level. Experience what it means to listen to music with just 0,1W of power and without loosing any kind of dynamics and detail from top to bottom.

Cessaro GmbH, (brand name Cessaro Horn Acoustics) nearby Frankfurt/Main in the center of Germany is proud to present their products at the HIGH END in Munich 2018. The show takes place from may 10th to 13th. You will find Cessaro GmbH at Atrium 4 / 1st floor, room F117 and inside the WOD-Audio room E 109 Atrium 4 /1st floor.