Colibri Labs was established in 2007, focusing on the high-end audio cables and loudspeakers. The very first beginning of the cable making goes back to the 1997, with a 2005 debut of the Guru series of cables. The first prototypes of Electrum speakers were made in 2005. 

On the photos you can see the all new, third generation of the Guru cables. They are made from different diameters of silver coated wires, pure silver, combination of silver and gold as well as copper.

Guru Signature cables implements a very special gold/copper wires of six different profiles. There are stunning 240 meters of the wires used for each power cable and it takes 24-26 hours to made a single piece. 

Everything is made slowly by hand with to achieve a unique/special Colibri DNK geometry and aterials used includes PVC dielectric, teflon, air as well as painstaking hand polishing process. 

Each on the Colibri Labs new cables goes through the six months of in-depth testing before it's released to the market. 

Colibri Labs is a true small, boutique high-end company where everything is taking extremely seriously.