The all new $4.000 SFORZATO DSP-050 will be presented at the Munich show (Atrium 4 room F107)...

Twin left and right ES9038Pro are used for D/A conversion. The ESS DAC no longer relies on internal jitter removal, running in perfect sync with signal input. The high-fidelity clock and scrupulously arranged clock wiring and architecture ensure perfectly synchronized, jitter-free audio.

Outstanding low phase noise clock

The unit features an outstanding low phase noise (120dBc/Hz @ 10Hz) TCXO, with the clock architecture deploying a specialized IC that achieves jitter below 100fs(femtoseconds:1/1000 of a picosecond).In addition, the DAC’s master clock is delivered by differential wiring. No effort is spared to stop jitter in its tracks.

Supported formats

PMC : 
44.1kHz – 384kHz 16/24/32bit (fixed / float) 
(352.8kHz, 384kHz non-compression only) 
DSD : 
DSD64/128/256 (2.8MHz, 5.6MHz, 11.2MHz) 1bit 
dsf, diff 
Gapless playback is supported in all format.

Software updates

The digital controller is driven by an ARM11 microcomputer and FPGA. Network-based software updates allow your device to always enjoy the latest features and functionality – this means our products continue to evolve even after you’ve purchased them.


Output: RCA, XLR (2-hot, 3-cold) 2Vrms
Digital Output: S/PDIF
Input: LAN RJ45
Clock input: BNC 50Ω 10MHz
Size (WxDxH): 435 x 332 x 80
Weight: 8kg