S.A.Lab is finally officially launching their exclusive project - Muse's Whisper (pre and two monos)...

  • It is 100 W at 8 Ohm (speaker post for only 8 Ohm), push-pull design in class A
  • Output tubes are six 6550 (Russia, Saratov), driver is 6v6 and input tube is 6sn7.
  • Monoblock's output transformers are same as in our flagship Hercules MkII
  • In power supply there was provided separate transformers also for heating, anode, driver and servo
  • We used polished Corian (for face plate), black glass for top and sides and polished bronze (tubes' surroundings)
  • Preamplifier comtains two EL84. There are 3 balanced, 3 unbalanced line inputs and 3 triggers
  • Muse's Whisper signal-to-noise ratio - 100 дБ
  • THD - 0.06% (50% of output power)
  • Weights of monoblock and preamplifier are 80 and 30 kg