Here is a bit more info about the intriguing new speakers from Hungary and something to hear in Munich (Marriot).... "Bayz Audio speaker uses patented, market-disrupting technologies (patents/patent pending in EU, USA, Japan, India, China). There is no tweeter break up modes to 20 kHz.  Bayz Audio searched out and assembled a super team including Frank Nilesen (Danesian/SB Acoustics) and an F1 monocoque designer, András Voloscsuk. The carbon fiber enclosure reduces the weight to 30 kg while increasing stiffness. And the enclosure is 100% carbon fiber (autoclave), not some surface treatment."

"The Bayz Audio Courante: the result of a lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. The quest started thirty years ago with an idea: your music should come to life and immerse you. The idea morphed into a thesis and culminated with an internationally patented driver technology that is not available anywhere else or at anytime...until now. It must be heard to be believed, realism is here and now: the Courante.

A superbly fast loudspeaker that is omnidirectional, instantaneous, and reveals the innermost details and nuances, just like music. The sound- stage is wide and deep, just like music. And, the image is crystal clear, just like music. The Courante, just like music.

The Courante is designed by Zoltán Bay, CEO and Chief Engineer at Bayz Audio. The super star team of Zoltán Bay, Frank Nielsen of Danesian Audio ApS, and András Voloscsuk of Composite Project Kft. set out to build the world’s best loudspeaker by using market disrupting technologies. The result was a radically new concept, a completely new approach to the design and construction of a loudspeaker.

The Courante is a unique breakthrough loudspeaker using patented technologies never seen before but now available only from Bayz Audio. The Courante is a Euro-designed loudspeaker featuring a Hungarian hand-made cabinet, assembled and tested in Denmark to assure world-class quality. The Bayz Audio Courante is a paradigm shift and sets the new standard in high end audio.

Zoltán Bay has been designing and manufacturing audiophile grade pre-amps, amplifiers, mediaplayers, cables, and loudspeakers for more than 35 years includ- ing a patent for a “sliding biasing circuit” amplification. Zoltán understands the fine balance between measurements and subjective listening tests, “I have always wanted to transcend the prevailing state of the art. This ambition is all I have and all I follow. It is my life. For me sound quality is foremost, design is very important, but secondary. When someone looks at the design, they get an idea of how the loudspeaker sounds.”

András Voloscsuk and his Engineering Team fabricates and supplies the Courante’s carbon fiber composite, high strength-low weight, speaker enclosure advancing the state-of-the-art with an unheard of ultra-light 30kg loudspeaker. András Voloscsuk and the Composite Project Team have worked decades developing new carbon fiber materials for F1 monocoques, race planes for Red Bull Air Race World Championships, and even carbon fiber pianos. Using decades of experience and learning, András has raised carbon fiber fabrication to an artistic level. The beauty and elegance of the Courante would not be possible without this vast knowledge and lifetime of experience.

Frank Nielsen, CEO, Danesian Audio ApS and designer of world-class Satori drivers has been in the electro-acoustic industry for three decades designing high end trans- ducers for SB Acoustics, ScanSpeak, Vifa, Danish Sound Technologies, Tymphany, and others. Frank and the Danesian Audio team provided an improved, unique, ultra-fast Satori-like driver to match the speed of the super-quick BRS tweeter. The Denesian Audio Engine Team builds and tests the Courante guaranteeing each loudspeaker is matched and passes stringent quality control.


Proprietary feather weight, electrostat-like tweeter membrane
Patented tweeter has no break up modes and is omnidirectional past 20 kHz Proprietary woofer with Egyptian papyrus cone
Carbon fiber, non-turbulent, ultra-stiff, ultra-light loudspeaker cabinet
Proprietary cabinet damping compound
Low energy storage crossover design with proprietary capacitors and air core coils Solid granite base
Woofer orientation completely cancels unwanted vibrations
Hungarian-made, 100% carbon fiber cabinets
Hand-built and tested in Denmark.


Frequency response: 28Hz - 22kHz 
Sensitivity: 90 dB/2.83V/m
Impedance: 4Ω
Minimum Recommended Amplifier: 50W