This recording is one of the very finest ever made of the combination for solo violin and orchestra. It offers first class interpretations of two great masterpieces from differing eras that have been acclaimed widely and have reached far beyond the Oistrakh circle of fans. David Oistrakh demonstrates his versatility in this performance of Hindemith’s Violin Concerto, written in 1939, where he effortlessly mesmerises the listeners. 

With many years of experience in the performance of modern music, the London Symphony Orchestra, led by the composer himself, prove that they are a match for this work. First made in UK on Decca SXL 6035 WBG ED1 ffss Black & Silver Original Recording Stereo Valve Label, Matrix, ZAL-5676/77 Stampers, 1E/1E. Program: Bruch, Scottish Fantasia, Hindemith Violin Concerto, London Symphony Orchestra under Jascha Horenstein and Paul Hindemith. - Saulo Zuccello