A one of a kind Hiraga Class A integrated amp for my wife system: aluminium modular Meccano-like chassis thanking Massimo Dalla Fontana and original printed circuit boards of La Maison de l’Audiophile I had as spares, original NOS Toshiba NPN/PNP transistors and superb transformer, modern high quality caps for 0,5 Farads capacity, Alps Blue Velvet pot and stainless steel knob... 20W Class A, so smooth. Thanking my best pal, Francesco for the nice job and Riccardo Costa for the black (nicely machined, carved and polished) plexiglas front plate.

Was it worth the hassle - time-wise and outsourcing parts - and expense? Listening to it right now too lazy to reach my studietto for premium Gotorama's musical bliss and... definitely yes: a pleasant, relaxing and relaxed sound from something my very own, only.

Humble proudness from bespoke, one-of-a-kind audio...

Stefano Bertoncello