ATC-5 stereo line & phono control preamplifier is coming for the review. ATC-5 implements three 12AX7, two 12AT7 tubes, ALPS flagship RK-50 volume potentiometer etc. This is the fifth generation of the original concept and it's more than three decades since indtroduction of the ATC-1. It will be very interesting to explore and evaluate the latest Airtight preamplifier...

Here is the official blurb: "At Air Tight, we have been keeping on manufacturing tube amps since the very inception, believing in the unlimited potential of Vacuum Tubes which were once thought to be out of date in contemporary digital days. 

It was 30 years ago when we introduced the first tube pre-amp ATC-1 at Air Tight with the firm intention to reproduce real, dynamic sound, and thanks to our unyielding zeal and efforts we have been successful in winning the constant fame and reputation in the industry. After the years’ strenuous research & development we are now proud to present you the totally redesigned, mighty descendant ATC-5 to cater for the serious demand for real music sources, whether analogue or digital.

To simplify the signal path in audio circuitry has been an influential idea since digital music sources represented by CD got rapidly widespread, but does such simplification really enrich the scope of music reproduction? W e believe development of control amp depends on a never-ending process to find the optimum balance between the technology and art itself. A technology to process properly in both analogue and digital ways is not always in alignment with that of creating joy, emotions, excitements and artistry of music. Air Tight believe that the ultimate optimized combination of the technology and art shall eventually create a sort of supernatural phenomenon in the form of real musical sensation. This is our uttermost goal and sublime dream commonly owned by all the discerning audiophiles in the world."


Valves employed: 12AX7 × 3, 12AT7 × 2
Phono equalizer input: RCA/MM × 2
Input impedance: 47kΩ(Gain 40dB)
Phono equalizer output: RCA × 1
Output impedance: Recommended load more than 47kΩ
Line input: RCA × 3
Input impedance: 47kΩ (Gain 18dB)
Line output: RCA × 2
Output impedance: Recommended load more than 47kΩ
Output voltage: 20V(Load 100kΩ/1% distortion) Line amplifier distortion: THD 0.02%(1V/1kHz)
Frequency response Phono equalizer: 50Hz~20kHz(±0.2dB) /20Hz-2.5dB
Frequency response Line amplifier: 20Hz~100kHz-1dB
Power consumption: 50VA
Dimensions: 400(W) × 260(D) × 90(H)(tentative) Weight: 9kgs(tentative)

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