"Extraudio 8.181€ (VAT/Taxes not included) XP1 pure class A preamplifier has been designed without compromise. More than six years of research have given the result that we were seeking, a live sound that is both honest and sincere; an unequalled flat frequency response at all the frequencies between 0,5Hz and 350Khz; a faithful reproduction of the recorded music that captures the authentic sound of live music."

"The XP1 preamplifier has real punch, a great midrange and detail; all of this within an extremely high frequency response, with unbelievable spatiality and total transparency. All the frequencies are perfectly defined and separated from each other creating a soundstage identical to the original recording. A forthright sound with perfect dynamics and tone, with real sustain of the musical notes, and with exceptional musicality.

In Extraudio, we believe that 90% of the sound is created by the preamplifier so we have worked on this stage in order to develop a product of reference. We have achieved four different sounds, without the use of equalization, corresponding to four styles of music and so each user can tailor the sound according to his or her taste in music.

We have also worked on the compatibility with other brands and products studying the different characteristics, impedances and synergies between these products and our own. After many tests and measurements, we have verified that that our XP1 preamplifier, irrespective of whether it is used with our power amplifier or with any other, contributes much, much more to the reproduction of recorded music than other products, which lose or fail to define perfectly.
One of the main characteristics of the XP1 preamplifier is that the electronics disappear and give way to the beauty and reality of the music. The musicians seem to appear in your listening room and you feel that you are no longer listening to an apparatus. This is a unique listening experience."