Kryna writes: "The new PROP, which releases enormous vibrational energy, debuts. A new fellow will join “PROP Series,” which are the insulators for various purposes and renowned for D-PROP, C-PROP, and T-PROP, etc. We will introduce the innovate features of the epoch-making insulator “E-PROP,” for which an exponential spike shape was adopted."

E-PROP is an insulator in which the spike and the cup are integrated like the existing products D-PROP and C-PROP. It has an epoch-making structure that removed the burden of placement and the risk of getting stuck in a floor, which are the shortcomings of the spike, while keeping the effect as a mechanic diode, which is unique to the spike type.

The cup is filled with the patent-pending special solution “sticky solution.” By improving vibrational absorption capacity, astounding vibration processing property has been achieved.

“E” of “E-PROP” stands for an exponential function. The exponential curve, which broadens gradually from the tapered part, is used for various wind instruments, including trumpets. Among audio products, horn speakers have this shape.


Dimension: Diameter: 60mm Height: 56.5mm
Weight: 870g
Load weight: 35kg/pc