The very first look at and information about the all new Cessaro Firebird speaker system with proprietary drivers made by in-house by Cessaro and cabinets made out of special composite material. As you can see the surface is finished in two color car paint - the original Ferrari red and Mercedes black at the back. Firebird system will be exlusvily presented at the upcoming AE Super Hi End Gala...

  • All new Cessaro C235-A 8" driver 2 each speaker plus TAD 2002 for tweeter.
  • Bass are 6 pcs of aluminium cone light weight 10" each speaker.
  • Bass amplifiers: 6 pcs of 500W for each speaker.
  • On a new designed 10mm aluminium plate including changeable Display with connectors 
  • Can be adjusted by PC but the remote app takes more time.
  • 120 dB Max spl 
  • Bass down to 25 Hz
  • Efficiency 101dB
  • Dimension 190cm x 34 (40) x 80cm