"First look at acoustic / sound diffusers from “Domino Acoustics”. Several years of hard work and cherishment for quality of wood and music. Result – these diffusers are very effective with any stereo system, in any room, not only on the wall between speakers but on any other too. Very easy to assemble and mount on the wall or on the stand, diffuser’s modules (60 x 60 cm) are interconnected with ease. Not talking about sound, “Domino Acoustics” products are impressive art installations."

More information coming soon.

On the wall – acoustic / sound diffusers from “Domino Acoustics”, 
4 single modules (60 x 60 cm) are interconnected in to one panel. 
Stereo system: “Audio Note AZ Two”, “Audio Note I Zero”, “Audio Note DAC 0.1x”, “Audio Note CDT Zero/II”, #AudioNoteUK
“Tandberg TD 20A” 
Piece of furniture from Vitmedis
Photos taken by Shoopstudiorental