Wilson Ng: "Yesterday Tuesday 24th July 2018, immediately on touch down in HCMC Vietnam, I was whisped away to Giang Trung Quan den for audition immediately after lunch. Take a look at his multi-million set up. It’s very simple but expensive gears, cables, wall and ceiling treatments. One thing I notice in Vietnam is, almost all of them use lavish acoustic treatment to their rooms for best sound. Take a look. Cheers !!!"

Direct to audition room. No hotel check up yet. So what ? Hahaha.

Giang Trung Van. Only 31. I was nothing when I was this age. He set up the whole system himself. Going to get married in October. Bravo !!!

A father and son set up.

With father and son. 

Gryphon Mojo Speaker. Small speaker but big sound. Very entertaining indeed.

Gryphon Audio CD player and integrated amplifier. 

Zensati speaker cable. List price US$60,000 a pair.

Zensati cable network

Notice the Furutech NCF stabiliser stand US$380 each

Audio replays power filter.

The ceiling is stringed. The wood planks can be swinged in any direction with each attack of music.