Kroma Audio is proud to present its new, and recently launched model in Munich, Elektra. Elektra becomes the highest ranged model of the company with extravagant dimensions of 160cm high, 39.7cm wide and 57.5cm deep, in addition to 170kg of weight. Its cabinet is built entirely from Krion, making a solid and unique piece that ensures a total absence of vibrations and resonances.

It has an independent and hermetic enclosure where its crossover is mounted, made entirely from components of the Danish company Duelund.

Elektra has an ambient tweeter on the back, which favors a greater sound dispersion and a generous and deep soundstage.

As always, its two bass reflex ports, made of different woods - Cedar and fir - by a renowned luthier of Spanish guitars and tuned to different frequencies, help to achieve a tone richness and a naturalness unknown to the competition.

This is also due to another of Kroma Audio's unique hallmarks: the absence of metallic screws in its construction.

Eliminating screws or any piece of metal in the manufacture of the cabinet, feet or crossover plates, we eliminate any metallic coloration of our sound. 

We have found the purity of captivating musical language ... the sound of Kroma Audio.

Manufactured with a luxurious side finish in carbon fibre, that will seduce you immediately. It is also possible to order it with a spectacular 24-carat gold finish.

  • Full Krion cabinet with crossover isolated in a hermetically separated chamber
  • Tweeter: 2 x Hiquphone, 1 front tweeter and 1 rear tweeter
  • Mid-woofers: 4 x Scan Speak Revelator 6,5” made under our specifications
  • Passive crossover network with ultra high quality components of Duelund.
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Vibex Pies de RĂ©sistance decoupling feet
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Recommended power amplifier: >30W
  • Dimensions: 160cm high, 39,7cm wide, 57,5cm deep
  • Weight without packaging: 170 kg
  • Available in gold leaf finish with true 24k gold