S.I.N. Audio writes: "Cables? There are thousands of cable makers all over the world, big, small companies, DIY… In the beginning, we start with science. We have measured our prototypes, we discussed all the subjects with high level engineers and professionals in field of electricity, physics and even mathematicians. We did everything as supposed to be. After serious number of test and samples, we have concluded that no matter how good one cable is when it is measured, its capability for music reproductions is s different subject. It took us more than 10 years to learn there is no such thing as universal cable, but there are some cables that are more system friendly than others. This is crucial for the correct evaluation of one cable audio’s capacity. Based on the whole research and the development, we managed to create our SBM Technology."

"What is SBM Technology? SBMTechnology is something more than technical approach, it is special kind of cable construction in order certain audio performance to be guaranteed. By using the wires geometry and the special materials, SBM Technology is improving magnetic connection between the single wires. This allows us to achieve constant and strong magnetic filed that is much more resistant to outside interferences. SBM Technology is working along the entire cable length, not on few points only. What are the benefits? Improving dramatically the background noise of the audio systems without changing the natural tonal balance of the cable. In brief - less noise, more music…"