Tiberiu Vicol writes: "I'v built my first QUAD405 in 1988. From 1991 I've started to improve this amazing design by  addressing schematic, PCB layout and components. The result is QUASAR, now at version 18. Each component was carefully chosen not only by data sheet specifications, but also by extensive listening sessions. We are proud to offer a current dumping amplifier completely redesigned, which offer superb sonic performance. Every Quasar we made it's like no other, because we first listen to your requirements and we build an amplifier that will suit you best. With Quasar you will rediscover your music again."                                                                                                                                                                         
8 pair of Semefab dual die lateral mosfet per channel (16 high power transistors per channel), 1.2KW internal power supply, make Quasar able to deliver up to 300W in 8ohm pe channel @ 1KHz sinus. But the scope of this amplifier is musicality and not power.

Thank to his 10Hz to 125KHz -1dB bandwidth Quasar will cover a large harmonic range making instrument's body reach and natural. You'll be able to listen Quasar without fatigue hour after hour. In order to achieve best performance we made only custom Quasar amplifiers based on your audio system and budget. 

What else about Quasar ?

- 4 selectable stereo RCA inputs
- ultimate R-2R stepped attenuator 64 steps in 1dB
- infrared remote auto-learning
- optional bluetooth android or ios remote controll
- 14 Kg