"Wilson Audio dealers are able to list trade-ins and demo units on Audiogon as part of their Certified Authentic™ Program, providing a more affordable new speaker buying experience. You can be confident that when you buy a Certified Authentic™ Wilson Speaker that it is just as good, no matter how old, as the day it was built."

However, not every used Wilson Audio speaker for sale on Audiogon is Certified Authentic™. To get that designation the speakers must go through rigorous testing:

• Only available through dealers who took it in on trade
• Field-certified using a documented 80+ point checklist including measured and performance tests
•Replacement of Resistors
•Basic cosmetic refurbishment
• Emblems on the speaker indicating its status
• Complete Toolkit
• Warranty based on age
• Under 5 years: Balance of the original warranty or 3 
years, whichever is greater
• 5-10 years: 3 year warranty
• Over 10 years: 2 year warranty
Taking it one step further, some speakers may be listed with the Certified Authentic™ Factory Tested certification, which is only available through a Wilson dealer from Wilson Audio, and includes all benefits of Certified Authentic™, as well as:
• The entire final QC measurement protocol done when the speaker was built
• The same final polishing process done when the speaker was built
• Loudspeaker re-frisking for shipment
• Replacement crates, if necessary