"With our expert team of sound and vibration specialists we set out to redefine a component that is very important but often overlooked – the damping foot. We have analysed the vibration patterns of various audio equipment including loudspeakers, amplifiers and turntables, and evaluated the effectiveness of different vibration control strategies. To our surprise the best strategy turned out to be one that is not usually used in audio but is rather found in civil engineering."

"For the vibration control of heavy structures such as bridges, civil engineers make use of so-called pot bearings. This type of bearing is very compact and provides efficient damping through compression of a confined elastomeric disc whilst allowing displacement in the horizontal plane. This strategy is particularly interesting for audio applications because, as our research has shown, the best approach to deal with vibrations is not by trying to fix the components rigidly in place but rather allowing limited movement in all directions. By damping this motion through dedicated measures the vibration can then be effectively controlled to significantly reduce unwanted distortion.

After countless prototypes, we have successfully adapted and refined the pot bearing concept to broad-band audio applications and implemented it in the RevOpod damper. It is the first product to feature our proprietary vibration control system offering superb damping performance. 
All structural parts of the RevOpod damper are precision CNC machined from highest quality stainless steel while the contact element to the floor is made out of Delrin®. For perfect levelling RevOpod features a unique height controlling mechanism that offers a precise adjustment in 50µm steps. By rotating the outer ring, an inner element starts to move up or down translating the rotational motion of the ring into a linear movement of the inner cylinder." 

RevOpod Specifications

Weight: around 150g per damper (600g per set of 4)
Diameter: 40mm • Min height: 31.5mm • Max height: 36.5mm
Height adjustability: 5mm (in 50µm steps)
Weight limit: standard 40kg per set of 4, heavy version 120kg per set of 4 Included: 4 RevOpod dampers, thread adapters for M6, M8 and ¼-20, 4 silicone rings for mounting
Versions: chrome, copper, gold