Here are the more in depth info, photos and exact pricing of the Hornsolutions active three way horn speaker system. 

Custom made Bass horn

Horn length: 165 cm 
Horn mouth: 250x250 cm
Drivers: 4x 15" TAD and JBL
Cut off frequency: 24Hz
Range of use: 24Hz up to 145Hz 

The complete horn is located on an isolated base plate, that has no contact with the walls or ground. 

Price: 15.000 €


Sato horn by Hornsolutions driven by the 666 compression driver.

666 compression driver measurement

- Sato 6.800€
- Compression driver 3.800€

Range of use: 145Hz up to 1580Hz


Elysio HT16 Tweeterhorn (includes the driver) 

Range of use: 1.600Hz up to 20.000Hz
Price: 4.000€ (any color finish available) 

"The graph shows that our tweeter horn is the first tweeter horn that has nearly no beaming. Even on 35 degree of axis the maximum tolerance is less than 1.6dB. No beaming, very wide sweet spot."

The complete system is using the Hornsolutions own DSP with FIR and IIR filters, delay samples ranging up to 12.00 meter, perfect phase and time alignment correction, PEQ, low and high shelf filters. 

Price: 1.600€ 


Hornsolutions Class A
Output: 3-8 Watt 

Price: 2.000€ (for one stereo unit) 

The system has an average of 105dB/1 Watt output. 

- Bass 105dB 
- Midrange horn 116dB 
- Tweeterhorn 111dB

Left and right with overlay 1/24 octaves smoothing

Short video showing the Hornsolutions active three way horn system.